It all started when...

A youth minister's wife noticed a need for young ladies to get together and have a spiritual weekend talking about issues specifically related to girls.  Glow has grown into a great event that girls from around the Shoals Area and beyond look forward to every year.


What Is GLOW?

GLOW is a hope-filled, encouraging weekend created especially for 6th-12th grade girls. Since 2005, women from Shoals area churches have worked together to create an annual gathering that addresses the unique needs of teen girls. When you bring a group to GLOW, you can plan to:

  • Hear uplifting and passionate lessons that will challenge and inspire you
  • Participate in group activities designed to build bridges and deepen relationships
  • Kickstart your passion for ministry with an exciting service project
  • Eat (a lot!)
  • Sleep (at least a little bit!)
  • Go home with a rekindled spirit